Saturday, September 17, 2005

Open mouth, insert foot...

This is interesting. Sad. But I think it shows what a state we've gotten ourselves into as a nation.

Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney has refused to apologize for comments he made advocating the wiretapping of mosques in order to fight terrorism. An apology was called for by various mosques, Islamic organizations, and the American Civil Liberties Union. Romney had made the remarks Wednesday, September 14, while speaking at a conservative think tank, the Heritage Foundation, in Washington, DC. Even though he was warned that his comments stereotyped all Muslims as terrorists, he stood by his remarks on Friday, saying that he wasn't suggesting anything that isn't already being done, but just that he thinks more of it should be done. In his Wednesday remarks, Romney also said that moe should be done to monitor foreign students studying in US colleges and universities. The remarks were made in the context of calling for far more money and attention to be put into domestic intelligence activities. A Romney spokeswoman called his position a "realistic view" of what steps are needed to fight terrorism. Romney's comments take on added import because he is seen as a possible contender for the Republican nomination for US president in 2008.

In all fairness (which seems to be more than he is willing to extend), Romney used mosques as a "for instance" in his speech, which some supporters are saying advocates the wiretapping of all houses of worship when viewed in context. But, who believes he was really advocating the wiretapping of churches and synagogues as well? What do you think Romney's reaction would be if he found out the government was bugging his Mormon place of worship. I mean, after all, the Mormons have a belief, little discussed outside the faith for obvious reasons, that the nation will "hang by a thread" and the Mormons will rush and take over and save it. Some would look askance at advocacy of that belief, I think. No, if anyone really thought Romney were really advocating bugging anyone but Muslims, he would quickly have to kiss his presidential aspirations good-bye.

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