Friday, September 08, 2006

Apology? What Apology?

There has been a hue and cry among the conservative media that "someone" owes an apology to Karl Rove because it has apparently turned out that it wasn't Rove, but Richard Armitage, who outed Valerie Plame to the media as a CIA operative.

All I can ask is, "Why?" Republicans have been telling lies about opponents ever since before I can remember. They never apologize. In fact, they often repeat the same lies over and over, long after it has been conclusively settled that they have lied. They do this, presumably, because they think that if they same something often enough it will magically become true. Some of the pundits are still trying to make us believe that Al Gore somehow claimed that he "invented the Internet," years after that was shown to be a gross and deliberate misrepresentation of what was said and what was meant. Which makes that assertion, oh, a lie. And that is far from the only example.

So, no. Nobody owes Rove an apology.

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McMurphy said...

No kidding. I have a "Out of Office Countdown" calendar rich of utterly moronic quotes by this generation of Repulicans and Bush. We don't owe them or anyone associated with them a single thing. Let alone an apology.

We, collectively as a nation I mean, will be too busy undoing all the damage of this adminstration after they are all out of their respective jobs to send apology letters to their bruised pride.