Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Turkey Day...

The time has just flown by. I think of coming over here and commenting on something almost every day...goodness knows there have been more than enough things to comment on in the news in the past little while. I mean, we've had a whole election, among other things. But that pesky real-life stuff just keeps getting in the way and keeping me busier than any three people really need to be. And so I think about writing, but then I don't do it.

I've also been sick for the past couple of weeks, preceded by a week of trying not to get sick...which, shall we say, was a waste of time and energy. That means I've had about enough energy to do the work I get paid for, keep my place tolerably clean, and not much else.

But,'s Thanksgiving, my cold is almost gone, and the sun is shining, which it hasn't done much of around here in several days. I don't have to cook, which means I won't have to clean up. So Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. Eat big, take a good nap, and get all prepared for the Christmas shopping season that starts tomorrow. I'll be thinking of you when I'm avoiding the stores tomorrow, because I never, ever shop on Black Friday if I can possibly get out of it.

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Pete Dunn said...

I enjoyed my Black Friday at home as well. Love the blog.