Monday, October 22, 2007

True confessions time...

I hate infomercials.

I want to say that right up front. An infomercial comes on the tube, the channel gets switched. I think the things should probably be illegal.


Except if they are selling CD compilations, especially of music from the sixties, seventies, and eighties, I'll sit there and watch the stupid things all the way through. And not in the casual, watching while I"m doing something else way I usually watch TV. No, I sit there and watch the things like they are a real TV show.

I probably should be ashamed of myself.

I think I know why I do it, though. It certainly isn't because I'm planning on buying the CDs...I can't afford 5 equal payments of $29.99 or whatever they usually are. That's a lot of money.

No. I do it because I like the old clips they show of the bands back in the day. Before all the artists got fat or bald...or dead. It's like watching videos from before MTV was even a glint in some TV executive's eye. Not that most of them are even vaguely video-like in the way someone born after the advent of MTV would recognize them. Mostly they're performance clips from the various network shows that featured bands and singers.

But, you know, I'm getting old, and that nostalgia thing is very powerful.

And I've been thinking...if they would package and sell a set of DVD's of the performance clips, I just might buy those.

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