Sunday, December 23, 2007

I saw the real spirit of Christmas today...

I saw the real spirit of Christmas today.

It didn’t have anything to do with buying lots of presents or eating lots of food. It didn’t have anything to do with arguing about how to correctly greet people during the holiday season.

Driving home from checking on my friend Pamela’s dog…she’s on the East Coast celebrating with her family…I saw a woman (probably mother) and child standing on one of the freeway overpasses next to their bicycles smiling down at those of us driving on the freeway and waving big.

Obviously, I don’t know whether their motivation for giving this little gift of friendliness to the community had anything to do with the upcoming holiday or not. Perhaps they do this often. Maybe it is the halfway point on the bicycle ride they were taking, and they stopped to rest and just decided it would be fun to wave at the cars.

None of that matters. Often, Christmas cards carry messages with some form of the sentiment “Tidings of joy and peace on Earth”. Well, it seems like it would be fairly difficult to do anything harmful to peace while smiling and waving at people. And it brought me great joy to see them up there.

So, for me at least, those two individuals were the embodiment of the spirit of Christmas at that time and in that place.

Merry Christmas, everyone.


JohnR said...

I was just watching this very campy Japanese music video today, and there's a part that goes, "We passed and you smiled at me. It's ok with we never see each other again--I'm lucky that you were simply here."

Anyhow, I love these kinds of moments. Thanks for sharing yours. That woman and her child's gift has traveled far indeed...

JohnR said...

Merry Christmas back at 'cha. Or, as they say in Japan, "Mehlee Kurisumasu!"

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