Sunday, June 29, 2008

I love baseball...

You know that if you've read this blog in the past.

I’m so glad my dad raised me to be not only a baseball fan, but also specifically a Dodger fan. They do the most strange and wonderful things sometimes.

Yesterday, in an interleague game, the Dodgers beat the L.A. Angels (and how it galls me to write “L.A. Angels”; they not only don’t play in Los Angeles, they don’t even play in Los Angeles County) by a score of 1 to 0, even though the Dodgers didn’t get a hit. Apparently, it was only the fifth time in modern major league history that a team has won a game without getting any hits. It doesn’t count as a no-hitter by the Angels, however, because the game was played in Dodger stadium and with the Dodgers leading, they didn’t have to bat in the ninth inning.

Ain’t it cool?

And in more baseball news, here in Fresno baseball fans are still walking about a foot off the ground after the Fresno State baseball team won the College World Series, beating the other Bulldogs (the ones from Georgia) by winning two games in a row after losing in the first game of the three-game championship series.

Now, I’m not a big Fresno State fan. I went to school there for a couple of semesters before fleeing to a school where I would have more of an intellectual challenge. But I can fully get behind a team that wasn’t given any chance to win the CWS and had to actually win their conference tournament to even get into the CWS and survived the most possible elimination games and still win the series.

All that, and every senior on the team either graduated on time or needs only one more semester to reach graduation. One news report called the team a collection of goofballs. But, hey, these are goofballs who know how to pull together as a team and pull out the wins when they have to.

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