Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Creativity Experiment, Day Seven: Haiku

Today is the seventh and last day is the of John Remy's creativity experiment, which he has been hosting over at Mind on Fire.

The card of the day, this time chosen by John's daugheter, Catgirl, is the Six of Pentacles. I don't ususally write haiku; the form has driven me to distraction ever since I was introduced to it in elementary school. However, after considering the Six of Pentacles and its attributes, this came to mind almost immediately. Probably has something to do with some of the events in my own life over the past few years.

And so, my very small contribution on the final day of an amazing learning and creative experience:

Knowing when to give
or admit the need to take
is art of balance.

And finally, thanks to you, John, for imagining that we all could do this.

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