Tuesday, December 20, 2011

One of "those" days...

I think I'm working on a head cold. Yippee!

On the positive side, I'm on furlough from work this week and next, so I don't have to try to work through the lack of ambition that always comes along with any cold I get. It's really difficult to generate any enthusiasm for writing about the crappy economy (or even a good economy) when I don't even feel much like dragging my happy butt out of bed in the morning, but I don't get sick days from work. So, even though my bank account isn't happy about two unpaid weeks off work, if I'm going to get sick, this is probably the optimum time to do it.

Also, I don't have any real plans for the holidays, aside from watching the Doctor Who Christmas special on Christmas night and then having some kind of a DVD-watching marathon over New Year's Eve/New Year's Day - maybe Doctor Who, maybe not - so, getting a cold now isn't really going to interfere with anything social that I really wanted to do over the holidays.

But then there's the negative side of the equation.

I'm working on a couple of writing projects - one the completion of the first draft of my novel that I started last month for NaNoWriMo and the other a short guide for beginning anthropology students (or maybe three short guides, one for cultural anthropology, one for physical anthropology, and one for archaeology) that I aim to e-publish. I had planned to get a lot of work done on these while I'm off work. I'm having fun working on them. But, even if it's something I'm really having fun doing, it's not nearly as much fun in the middle of sneezing fits, headaches, and achy ears from my backed-up sinuses. Oops! Maybe should have put in a TMI warning there. Sorry.

The point is, I'm not getting nearly as much done so far as I'd hoped. Maybe it's just because my brain has decided that furlough from work = no work at all. A significant part of me would be perfectly happy to sit down in front of the television and watch movies all day. In fact, I was getting a good start on that while I ate lunch, watching Marley and Me while I ate the leftovers from last night's mac'n'cheese dinner. But I couldn't even enjoy that because I knew I was wasting time that I could be writing on a day that I didn't have to write anything for work. So, I came in and turned on the computer (again, for the third time today), determined to get something productive done.

I don't know if I can rationalize writing this post as "something productive" or not. Probably not. So, I'm going to post this and try to get some work done.


McMGrad89 said...

Make a schedule...

I am one of the few instructors who isn't on furlough in December. I have mixed emotions about that, too. I am used to the public school schedule of two weeks off at Christmas. My new school is year 'round, but there is a break for some teachers (without pay) so that all of the rotations will start at the same time.

littlemissattitude said...

As it turns out, it has all depended on the day. Some days, I've gotten lots of work done. Others, not so much. I just decided that as long as I was getting the time off from work, I'd work on other stuff if I felt like it, and if I didn't, there was no use in forcing it. That decision came after I sat in front of the computer one day all day long, trying to work, and I didn't get anything accoplished even though I was applying the butt to the seat and mostly avoiding the Internet excpet strictly for doing research.
We used to get two weeks off at Christmas when I was in school. The school district my roommate teaches in, on the other hand, gets three weeks. Well, actually, three weeks and two days this year, since they got the Friday before Christmas Eve off and they don't go back until the Tuesady after the three weeks is up because Martin Luther King, Jr's birthday falls on the Monday they would normally go back.