Thursday, May 16, 2013

And what have you been watching on TV?

Okay. Here goes. I'm going to admit, here and now, that my "guilty pleasure" TV viewing this season has been "Arrow", which airs on Wednesday nights on the CW.

Now, I wasn't convinced at first that I was going to like the show at all. I mainly tuned in because of the presence of John Barrowman in the first-season cast. Those of you who read here on a regular basis know that I'm a Whovian, and since Barrowman has played Captain Jack Harkness in both "Doctor Who" and "Torchwood", I had to tune in to see what he was up to here. Turned out, his character is a villain, very different from his Captain Jack persona.

But, while I came for the Who connection (which has also included guest appearances by Alex Kingston, who plays River Song in Doctor Who), I've stayed for a storyline that is relatively interesting. Certainly, there have been some twists that I haven't expected.

Who knows if I'll stay interested in season two, but season one has been fun.

Also, speaking of fun television viewing, I missed out on "Fringe" when it had its original run on the Fox network, but I've just started discovering it now, via my roommate's Netflix account. Now, I've only watched the pilot and the first couple of episodes, but so far I'm intrigued.

There's mystery. There's conspiracy. There are evil corporations and government agents whose loyalties are not entirely clear. There's some good acting (that's the one drawback with "Arrow"; some of the acting is less than brilliant) and some very good writing. I'm reminded of the best episodes of "The X-Files" when I watch "Fringe", specifically as it seems to be developing an overarching mythology. I like the presence of a mythology in "The X-Files", and I'm liking it in "Fringe".

Now, if we could just convince the powers that be in television production to give us more interesting series and less "reality" television. I realize that supposedly unscripted shows are cheaper to produce than traditional series television. But I'm not interested in seeing reality, or what passes for it in the world of television. There's enough of that out here in the real world. But I love a good story, well told, and more of that on television would be most welcome.

So, what are you watching on TV these days? Leave a comment and let me know.

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