Monday, May 05, 2014

Down on Santa Monica Pier...

This is where I went yesterday:

And I rode on this (it's from the 1920s, I think):

And I watched this:

And I saw this (and had lunch at the place behind the sign...the burgers and fries are wonderful):

Passed this on the way to the pier while driving through Topanga Canyon:

Theatricum Botanicum was founded in 1973 by actor Will Geer (you might remember him as Grandpa Walton on "The Waltons" television series in the 1970s), but its roots to back to the 1950s when Geer was blacklisted during the McCarthy era and opened a theater on the property to give other blacklisted entertainers a place to practice their arts. After Geer died in 1978, his family and others decided to turn the facility into a professional repertory theater. Apropos to my visit to Santa Monica Pier, the main stage at the theater is built from wood salvaged when the Pier sustained serious damage in a storm in 1983. To all appearances from when we drove by on Sunday, the theater is alive and well, with an event going on as we passed by.

And saw this while traveling down Pacific Coast Highway:

This was once actress Thelma Todd's home (upstairs) and a café she opened (downstairs). It's also where she died, in 1935, in the garage, with the car still running. It was ruled an accident (or possibly suicide) at the time, but some say she was murdered although a grand jury was not able to find any evidence to prove it.

So, that's my Sunday, and a little bit of film history and gossip for Movie Monday. Actually, the Pier itself has a place in film history, with appearances in many films and television episodes over the years.

How was your weekend?

Just a note: None of these are my photos; Bing Images is my friend.

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