Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A glimpse out my window...

While I'm sitting here waiting for some information to come across so that I can continue my work for the day, I opened the blinds on the window right next to my desk so that I could see what's going on out in the world.

Only, there isn't all that much to see...it's foggy out.

I'd heard it was on the morning newscasts, but the fog usually stays fairly high here in town. But this morning, I can barely see down the short block and across the street to the university campus just over...there. Even the trees just across my street, the trees are only half-visible in the mist.

What I can see are all the cars parked up and down my street, bumper to bumper. That's because Spring semester begins today across the street, and nobody wants to pay the $68 per semester or whatever it is now to buy a parking permit on campus. And I see even more cars, cruising up and down the street looking for a place where they can park. I'm just glad my building has assigned parking spaces for building residents around in back.

You know, I don't blame people for not wanting to pay all that money to park. But it really is a pain not to be able to park in front instead of in back of the building when I have a load of groceries in the car (I have to do grocery shopping later, so that's on my mind), so that I don't have to bring everything so far into the house. And it is also a pain to try to have guests over, even at night, because classes run 'till ten p.m. across the street and there is very often no parking at all available from around 7:30 am until nearly 10 pm during the week.

Ah, well, it'll be this way, with the exception of Spring Break, all the way through until the middle of May.

And how is your day going?


Rich said...

There are several things I miss after leaving California (the ocean, tree-ripened oranges and avocados, etc.) but traffic and crowds are not on that list.

On the other hand, I'd happily trade the 17 degrees outside here for whatever you've got there.

lma said...

It's the strangest thing...I'm a California native, but I really don't like avocados at all.

On the other hand, oranges are a definite plus, especially in my part of the state. Before she retired, my mother worked in an orange packing house and so I had access to oranges for a big part of the year. Even before that, when I was very young, we had two orange trees and a lemon tree in our front yard. :) The lemon tree was especially nice...it bore fruit all year round. As a result I'm addicted to fresh-squeezed lemonade.

Traffic...well, at least in southern California most people know how to drive. Not so here in the central part of the state. People around here are nuts when they get in their cars.

Oh, and the weather? No fog here in town this morning, but there's frost on the roof and it's 36 degrees. You're right...that's much better than 17 degrees.

Rich said...

That's a shame about avocados. Orowheat wheatberry bread, toasted, with ripe avocado spread over it, and clover honey drizzled over that. TO DIE FOR.

Yeah, I miss the dark orange, tree ripened, fresh squeezed orange juice I used to make practically every day. And we also grew up with a lemon tree that produced all year. Guavas, tangelos, persimmons, pecans, santa rosa plums, apricots,...