Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Reading Update: Reached one goal, and my other goal for the year is in sight...

Yay, me!

Today I passed my goal to read 13,000 pages this year.

As a bit of explanation, over on Ravelry, the knitting website where I hang out a lot, there are discussion boards about many more things than just knitting, crochet, and other fiber arts. One of those boards is the Book Challenge, which challenges members to set goals for their year's reading each year. It also encourages members to list the books they've read so that everyone else can follow along and see how others are doing as far as progress toward their stated goals.

This year, I set my goal at 40 books and 13,000 pages read. Now, you have to realize, I've never reached any of my goals for the challenge before (I think this is my third year participating). And, not everyone sets page goals as well as setting a goal for the number of books they want to read. So, I'm kind of excited that I have reached one of my goals, and that the other goal is in reach, as I just finished reading my 34th book of the year, which leaves six to go to reach my goal. That would be three each month in November and December, which is doable, especially considering that I read 7 books in June and 8 books in July. By contrast, I didn't finish any books in March and only finished reading one in April.

The longest book I've read so far this year had 662 pages, while the shortest had just 210 pages. Sixteen of the books I've read so far this year are fiction, while the other 18 are non-fiction treatments of various topics. Many of those have been read as research for some writing I'm doing. Four of the books were re-reads, which is a pretty low number for me. And I'm actually in he middle of reading book number 35 for the year - I often keep two books going at once, usually one fiction and one non-fiction, or else one for home reading and one for carrying around with me to read when I have to wait for something or someone somewhere. Although, to be honest, I'm having issues with that one, which is a techno-thriller that hasn't quite completely grabbed me yet. But, I'm 209 pages into it, so I'll probably end up finishing it at some point.

At the end of the year, I'll do a final review of this year's reading, complete with my reading list for the year. But, since I did pass my page goal for the year, I thought I'd leave a milestone update to celebrate that.

It's also an explanation for why today's entry is short and late. I was busy finishing up the book I've been reading the past several days.

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