Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thanksgiving Eve

Busy, busy, busy day.

Out with roommate, waiting for her at her doctor's appointment, Laundromat, library - definitely, library, since it will be closed for two days in a row and I get twitchy when there aren't enough books around to read - and various and sundry other pre-holiday things to do.

Back tomorrow with a Thanksgiving tradition.

And, if you aren't in the United States, tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day, the day we get together and eat too much, watch sports (well, some of us - me, not so much), eat more and, incidentally, try to have one day when we give thanks for what we have before we go out and kicks and scratch and brawl to acquire more of what we probably don't need. Again, well, some of us. Others of us spend an extra day in out of the Black Friday idiocy.

Oh, and I have to share this and say that I am thankful for people who care enough to get involved in their communities and do things like the 7-Eleven franchise owners in my neighborhood are doing. The thing the article is about isn't a corporate initiative, but simply individuals who care about getting kids excited about reading. So, when the corporation adopts this (and they might, some of the company executives have already been to visit) literacy initiative, remember that it started in my neighborhood.

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Gloria said...

Hey, this is what I did Thanksgiving eve:

Oh, and the little captcha thing is telling me to type in the number 666. Kinda creepy.