Thursday, December 12, 2013

Where I've been, and a movie recommendation...

Yeah. It's been very busy around here for the past few days.

Which is why I haven't posted since, oh, Monday or so.

I've written posts in my head every day, but I've not been in the house much to sit down and write them. And when I've had time to sit down, I've been so tired that anything I would have written would have probably been incoherent.

However...I did want to mention a movie I watched this evening while I was sitting and trying to get up the energy to fix some dinner. It was a documentary from 2004 called "Riding Giants", that focuses on surfers that started "riding the big waves" in the 1950s and those who followed them.

I have never surfed, despite having grown up in Southern California. I've never even really had the desire to surf. But I love a good surfing documentary (and I think I've written about my love for "The Endless Summer" and it's sequel here before). This is a great surfing documentary. The photography is amazing, but not as amazing as seeing surfers riding the huge waves - mostly in Hawaii and off Northern California (where it was thought for a long time that there were no big waves).

Be aware - this is not a film of all fun and games. Surfing is a dangerous sport, and surfing the big waves is especially so. People have died doing this, and one of the points the film makes is that it takes a special kind of person to do so. Yeah, these men (and women) might be crazy. But they also love what they do. The world would be a lot better off if more people loved what they do, I think.

Here's the trailer. Really, I recommend this film:

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