Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Election Day and other random thoughts

It's Election Day. Finally.

I voted this morning as one of several things I had to do this morning. The polling place, which is just about half a block up the street from me, was busy but not crowded, and so I only had to wait for a couple of minutes before I could check in and get my ballot. I was in the polling place, from walking in the door to feeding my ballot into the machine and thanking the poll workers for their service, for maybe fifteen minutes total. Probably less. I'm sure things will pick up as the day progresses.

I'm now avoiding watching or listening to the news. I'm nervous about the outcome of the election, not only in the presidential race, but for a couple of statewide propositions and the local proposition that would ensure continuing funding at present levels for the county's libraries. I love libraries, and worry about reports that if the proposition doesn't pass, up to half the branches countywide will be closed and hours at the remaining branches will be cut drastically. I'm trying not to worry too much about it; the same proposition has been passed twice in a row.

I'm also avoiding the news because I really don't want to hear any more news about a workplace shooting that happened at a processing plant this morning that is less than three miles from where I live. The latest report I saw said that there was one dead and three injured. In addition, the shooter shot himself, but reports are unclear about whether he is dead or alive.

There is also no indication yet about what prompted the shootings, but other workers at the plant have said that the shooter showed up for work about 5 a.m., acting "not himself". Then, about 8:30 a.m., according to reports, he pulled out a weapon and started shooting.

In most cases, this sort of things boils down to either a disgruntled employee or a domestic dispute. This might have been either or neither, but whatever it turns out to be, I cannot even begin to explain the depth of my inability to understand why so many people seem to think that getting angry about something entitles them to go out and start shooting people before they (often) shoot themselves. I really just don't understand.

Not everything today has been quite so dismal as this local shooting, though. Thank goodness.

On the way home from doing my errands, I stopped at the grocery store. As I was leaving, I saw a car with a political bumper sticker. This one was a sticker with a difference, though. It read, "Willie Nelson for President". Made me smile, although I'm pretty sure that Willie doesn't want the job. Goodness knows, I wouldn't want it.

But, I did do my duty and vote, and I hope that if you are eligible, you voted as well. And I hope the line you had to stand in wasn't too long.

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