Saturday, November 10, 2012

Non-serious on a Saturday...

I don't write about sports much around here.

This doesn't mean I don't like sports. It just means that I'm aware that on a general interest blog like this one, a lot of sports talk tends to be a turnoff for some people. Also, I don't really follow the sports I like the most - primarily baseball, basketball, and tennis - as closely as I used to. Certainly not closely enough to write about them on a regular basis.

However, I saw a headline today that caught my eye. I've been vaguely aware that the Los Angeles Lakers have gotten off to a dismal start this season, and had heard that, barely more than a week into the season, the team had fired their new head coach. Since I'm a Lakers fan (the one and only professional basketball game I have ever attended was a Lakers game, a very long time ago), I was dismayed to hear that the season was starting so badly, but I hadn't realized just how badly until the news of the coach's firing.

So, today as I was looking through my usual news sources, I saw a headline speculating that Phil Jackson might be coming back to coach again. I like his style (he wins, and he makes his players read books occasionally), and so this is a good thing as far as I'm concerned. While it certainly isn't a done deal, reports say that he is interested in returning for his third term as the Lakers' coach. If he does, it will definitely increase my interest in the season.

It would make me happy to have a sport to follow with a little more interest this winter. I am not a football fan (and by that, I mean that I am so not a football fan). I don't follow hockey (are they even playing yet?). And I'm a little sad right now that baseball season is over.

As a little informal poll among my readers - Do you like sports? Do you follow sports? If you do, which sports do you follow?

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CinnamonOpus said...

I do like sports, but I have not followed professional sports in a long time. I think probably since the baseball strike in 1995. I have a hard time with the salaries of people in professional sports, quite honestly, so I just don't follow anymore.

But I love sports, and was pretty seriously into sports for most of my life. My sport was volleyball, which I played and coached, and I still follow it pretty closely, but I watch just about anything. I love Olympic- and world-championship-type sports competitions. And I am a big fan of some pretty fringe sports, most notably sumo and bobsleigh.