Sunday, November 25, 2012

Music Sunday: The Musicians Talk Edition

To be honest, I'm not really feeling the music thing this week. So, this week, Music Sunday is going to be a little bit different. There may or may not be any actual music. What there will be are musicians talking, and not necessarily even talking about music. What they say might or might not make any sense, might not feel relevant. But this week, I'm dedicating Music Sunday to remembering that musicians can talk, too.

I'm not going to provide any commentary on these clips. I'm just going to leave them here, to speak for themselves.

First up is Arlo Guthrie, talking about the Sixties with Tom Brokaw:

I found this portion of an interview with John Lennon, by Tom Snyder on "Tomorrow", from 1975, where Lennon shows his serious, thoughtful, intelligent side. The conversation is about drugs in the music business and Lennon's then-ongoing immigration case:

In fact, Tom Snyder interviewed a lot of people in the music industry on "Tomorrow". This short interview, plus two songs, comes from what was probably U2's first appearance on national television in the US, in 1981. The interview is short, and isn't especially serious, but it was more than most bands, and especially most new bands, got on late-night television in those days:

This next clip isn't an interview, but an excerpt from an MTV show where Marilyn Manson steps in as a guest instructor in a class at Temple University. I'm not a huge Marilyn Manson fan, but I think the value of this clip is that, whether you agree or disagree with what he says here, it's pretty obvious that he has put some thought into what he shares with the class:

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