Saturday, March 02, 2013

In place of the rant I wrote...

I just wrote a middling-long post that I've decided not to post.

You see, I'm feeling very cranky today, and I've felt a little put-upon by some people on Facebook, who seem to think that telling me I'm WRONG is sufficient to make me bow and scrape and admit my wrongs and give up my social and political principles. This has gotten me in a bit of a mood, and the post I just wrote was a bit of a rant.

No. It wasn't a bit of a rant. It was a full screamer. I don't want to impose that on you all.

And so, I'll just say that I hope you had a nice Saturday and that I'll be back tomorrow with Music Sunday, gods willing, the creek don't rise. Which, I suppose, is another sign that I might be getting old (see yesterday's post for more on that) - I'm staring to use those old-fashioned cliches like "gods willing and the creek don't rise."

Anyway. Maybe I'll be in a better mood tomorrow.

I think I'm going to go pet the cat now or something.

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