Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Now, all we need is for baseball to start...

Just dropping in to say hello, and to apologize for not posting yesterday.

It's just a couple of really busy days for me. I had to go do some volunteer work yesterday at CVP, and I have to go down there again later this morning. In fact I should be going out the door in about half an hour or so. Probably not going to manage that, but I'll be there in time to see the person I need to talk to today, so it's all good.

It isn't helping, either, that Spring has sprung around here, and I've got spring fever in a bad way. Not that I don't want to do anything, but just that I want to be doing it outside in the fresh air. The weather report says it's going to be 85 degrees F here today, and if it's anything like yesterday it's going to be a lovely day. Unfortunately, CVP is inside, and so is the library, where I need to go and do some research after I'm finished at CVP. The library workers take a very dim view of trying to take the reference books outside to work.

But, the work has to be done, because the book I'm working on is not going to write itself. Where's Rumplestilskin when you need him? Or does that just work with spinning straw into gold?

At any rate, here's hoping that it's nice weather where you are, and that you get to spend some time out in it, rather than cooped up inside all day. I should be back with a post of a little more substance tomorrow.

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