Monday, March 25, 2013

Movie Monday: The Short, Late, and Sadly Lacking Edition....

...or, in other words, this was one of those days when the real world reared its head and said, pay attention to me. Sort of like the cat is doing right now.

Yes, it's late. And yes, I should have posted Movie Monday today. Yesterday. Whenever you are reading this.

The thing is, I'm writing a book. I rarely get a chance to work on that all day. I got that chance today, so I took it. And I got a lot done. Well, relatively speaking. This is a big project (bigger than I realized when I began), and it's still going to be a long, hard slog. But, I'm making progress in research and outlining and building a timeline. I'm writing nonfiction, about the Baby Boomers, and the timeline is necessary, not just the sophisticated equivalent of sharpening pencils and cleaning my desk, which is what I'm pretty sure it looks like to the casual observer.

At any rate, all I've got say about movies today is that I watched "South Pacific" (the original version) last night. It had been years since I saw it. I'm always amazed how a movie will change when viewed separate times years apart. And then, after I had done all the work I could do today, I watched parts of an animated film called "Rise of the Guardians" in between doing other things (like making my dinner). I need to go back and watch the middle part that I didn't see. The beginning and the end were very good. This is clearly a film aimed primarily at kids, but what I did see of it kept me engaged. This is an accomplishment for someone who didn't like "kids' movies" when I was a kid.

As I observed at the beginning of this short post, It's late. Even with a short nap early this evening, I'm having trouble keeping my eyes open at this point. Between that and trying to convince the cat that I have things to do besides pet him, I think it's probably time for me to go to bed.

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